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Music / Audio file uploads


The Upload is working again.

It is great news, after missing the ability to upload audio files for scheduling and rotation,we now have once again the ability to do so.
Musicians, Ministers, Ministries, and other friends of the Radio Ministry are now once again able to upload their music and messages through the front end of the website.
All this in a much easier way too.

How to do it

Log in to the site.
Screenshot from 2017 12 09 16 57 11
Click on Top Panel and fill out your credentials
Screenshot from 2017 12 09 16 58 59
Go to the EWCMI Online Radio Portal if you are not there yet.
Click on Audio Uploads which is only available for registered users.
Screenshot from 2017 12 10 06 11 23
The upload screen becomes available
Screenshot from 2017 12 09 17 02 14
Click on Browse, select your files and click on Open / Upload or your systems equivalent.
Screenshot from 2017 12 10 06 19 08
That is all there is to it.

Thank you so much.
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Positive Through Christ

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