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06 Messianic Christianity

Messianic Christianity

Within the Non-Jewish (gentile) and the Jewish community we see more and more a fusing of the Christian Church with the Messianic Church as one new congregation where Jewish worshipers as well as gentile worshipers are able to hold on to their own identity.
Within this fused identity Messianic Jews hold to certain eschatological beliefs concerning events such as the End of Days, the Second Coming of Jesus as the conquering Messiah, the re-gathering of Israel, a rebuilt Third Temple, a resurrection of the dead.
Some believe that all of the Jewish holidays, and indeed the entire Torah, intrinsically hint at the Messiah, and thus no study of the End Times is complete without understanding the major Jewish Festivals in their larger prophetic context. To certain believers, the feasts of Pesach and Shavuot were fulfilled in Jesus's first coming, and Rosh Hashanna , Yom Kippur, and Sukkot will be at his second.

I believe that when a Christian is called to adhere or follow the Sabbath observance and/or the Biblical Holidays they need to be free to do so.

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