Current Day TV

What do you have against current day TV

Why is it that I hear of more conservative Christian, Messianic, or Jewish people cutting themselves off from current day T.V. ?
Are you not starting to live in your own little world away from reality?

My first instinct to answer would be to go on a defense and state that a presumptuous leading question does not need an answer, but then I need to think twice and look back to earlier this year and the last two years of all the political bickering and character assassination.
In that thought I would say it is exactly the other way around, it is the t.v. that cuts you off from reality.

Whatever, whomever, or whichever channel you are watching, if it is the news or entertainment, including the social media options as Facebook, twitter, and the likes.
Whatever this might be it is not reality, it is a distortion of what is going on in the real world, it is a look at the world through this channels, reporters, organizations, pink, purple, red, or blue colored glasses. 
The news is a distortion of what is really going on in people's lives, it is pure entertainment focused on ratings and advertisement and it has truly nothing to compare too with your real live.
With this, this kind of what people call reality is fictional,it is an oxymoron.
As more or less stated earlier, t.v. news does not just state the facts, it states the point of view of the broadcasting company. Fox news has a majority conservative employees, thus that is what you can expect from Fox, MSNBC has a majority liberal or progressive employees, thus that is the point of view you can expect from them. I just mentioned two, but of-course this goes for each and every single entity out there, Al Jazeera shows news from an islamic middle eastern point of view CBN from a Christian, pro Israel perspective, and that is indisputable.

This however is not the only news or entertainment that removes us from reality. Just as the t.v. news is replacing the facts and news with opinion, the t.v. entertainment replaces real human interactions with someone's fantasized world.
Rabbi Aron Moss wrote in an article after which this blog is based
" Those who spend their hours following soap operas are missing out on the lives of their own family and friends. The sitcom junkies are oblivious to the hilarity of everyday living. And the fans glued to “reality TV ” are blind to the reality happening in their own home.
Could it be that TV is a major cause of the relationship crisis we face today? So many people are complaining that they can’t find somebody to love. How often do we hear, “I just can’t find the right person”? Well, to a couch potato, it’s no wonder no one is “the right person.” Who can compete with the beautiful, funny, interesting and witty characters who strut on the screens and fill their minds every night? Never mind that it’s all contrived and staged. How many people do you know who fit TV ’s narrow definition of what is considered attractive? Of course, no one in the real world matches up. "

dr Who David TennantPersonally I fully agree with Rabbi Moss and feel more in touch with reality without t.v. than with.
Yes we watch a movie or a show now and than, but we make that choice like reading a book, it is our decision what comes on and when, without intrusive sexually daring and suggestive advertisements.
This way we control the television and the television is not controlling us.
Do you want to sit down after a whole day of hard work and binch watch Dr. Who, go for it, enjoy the entertainment, but do not let lives real friends and family be replaced by imaginary friends and political character assassination, life is not meant to be lived at the commercial breaks

Pst. Chris