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Oh so uplifting Gadol Adonai (Great is our God)


A very Long day

It has been a very long day.
This morning at 5 am 1st Lady and I planned to go to the gym, but when I picked up my phone, aarrggghh it was dead, empty, no power.
We use our phones for our workout music, to keep track of our steps etc. etc.
OK, in that case I better get to work, so work started and the first email was out at 5 passed 5.
Worked until 3 PM with a short lunch break, after which church work started, and not at 7 PM I am still at it.
My eyes hurt, but I do want to get the new app published to the amazon store and the google play store.
Oops, did I just give something away, ahh ok, more info coming soon.
Just needed some lifting up of the spirit and opened up youtube (not something I do often) and selected the feed from MJAI Messianic Jewish Alliance of Israel.MJAI Messianic Jewish Alliance of Israel Logo 150 1
Great is our God played. Gadol Adonai and I just needed to stop and worship with them.
This is why I want to share this with you now, even when I can hardly keep my eyes open, this just needs to be shared.
I pray that you will be touched by this music as much as I am.

With Brotherly Love,

Pst. Chris.
Know His Word, Know His Character
Joyce Meyer on Family and Friends

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