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Christiaan J. de Ruiter


Roles : Programming Editor
Styles :

Praise and Worship




Program Day : Mon - Fri
Favorite Artists :

Michael W. Smith

Ofra Haza

8th Day


Favorite Bible Verse : Phil 4 : 13

Married to :

Wilma Jean Hawthorn

Father of :


 Grandfather of :


Dr. Christiaan J. de Ruiter was born in the Netherlands as the youngest of six children. He grew up going to church in the Salvation Army and became involved in the choir and brass band. After his move to the United States of America, he has been involved in the American branch of the Salvation Army as a local officer, bandmaster (conductor) and instructor. While involved in the Salvation Army, many ministry trips have been made throughout the western US, spreading the gospel through word and song. Still there was more for him to explore and Christiaan accepted a position as associate pastor in the Free Will Baptist church. However short lived, this was a great time of learning. His dear friend Dr. J.B. Davidson finally placed the question in his heart; Isn't it time to make a true decision for Christ and pastor the church, which calling is upon your life? Christiaan took this word of God and prayed about it. New Beginnings Christian Center was given birth by the two friends and provided much needed ministry in prayer and healing in Murray, Utah. Family circumstances made it necessary to dissolve this ministry while moving to Texas in 2007. After a period of personal struggle and growth, a small church was born and an affiliation grew out of it. This was the start of Eagle Wings Charismatic Ministries International.


















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