Library: The Effective Praise and Worship Leader: Eight Keys to Leading Others
Title:      The Effective Praise and Worship Leader: Eight Keys to Leading Others
BookID:      50-I-01
Authors:      Ron Kenoly
ISBN-10(13):      1602730040
Number of pages:      120
Language:      English
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Often times the role of a contemporary praise and worship leader who leads the people to worship in spirit and truth has been generally undervalued and grossly misunderstood. Pastors and other pulpit ministers depend on the worship leader to prepare an environment for the manifest presence of God. Through the praise and worship portion of the service, church leaders want the hearts and minds of the congregation to be ready to recieve the prepared word given from the pulpit. Many times church leaders do not have a clue of what or how to specifically accomplish that task. They do know that they want good anointed music and that is one of the few things that many appointed worship leaders and pastors have in common. Sometimes you have praise and worship leaders who have no clue of what they are supposed to be doing or trying to accomplish in the natural or spiritual realms. Yes, they may sing and play well on the instruments but they do not really know how to facilitate the manifestation of the presence of God. Far too many times the music ministry in the local church is made up of unskilled volunteers who make themselves available to help and serve. Of course we praise God for these wonderful servants of the Lord who give of their time and energy and serve with loyalty and faithfulness. On the other hand, many of them have no training about the purpose for praise and worship. Their lack of knowledge can prohibit the local church body from accomplishing a praise and worship experience that is pleasing to God. God is holy and His presence must be respected and protected. Jesus said in John 4:24 that those who worship God must worship in spirit and truth. He has an expectation about the attitude you must embrace to be acceptable to the Lord. Worship in spirit and truth requires more than fancy vocal aerobics, beautiful poetic lyrics and sweet or hot musical passages on the instruments. God is pleased with our talents but He is not impressed by them. We must remember that every good and perfect gift comes from the Father (James 1:17). Worship leaders must be prepared to properly demonstrate a balance between worship and the Word. Just knowing the music and sounding good is not all that God requires of true worshipers. God is always looking at the heart of the worshiper. This book will help the contemporary praise and worship leader in his or her role as an effective praise and worship leader. Introduction What are pastors really looking for in a worship leader? As I travel around the world I am often asked by pastors to recommend someone who could lead worship for their congregations. When they ask me this question I am often reluctant to give answers or recommendations right away. I try to get them to a quiet and private place where we can talk a little bit and find out exactly what they are trying to accomplish in their church and their services. Many times I begin the conversation by asking them, “What kind of person are you looking for?” Just asking for a praise and worship leader is not enough information for me to recommend someone. A well-rounded worship leader is someone who can be competent in several areas of church ministry. This book is written to Pastors, Worship Leaders- present and future – as well as anyone in the congregation desiring to know what God, the Father, is looking for in a true worshiper. You may be leading crowds or just the person beside you into worship; you, too, can choose to become an effective worship leader!
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