Library: Power in His wings
Title:      Power in His wings
BookID:      RHP01
Authors:      Dr. Christiaan J. de Ruiter
ISBN-10(13):      0615570895
Publisher:      Ruach Hakodesh Publishing
Number of pages:      54
Language:      English
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How Christianity has pushed the prayer shawl (the tallit) out of the lives of believers. How the woman with the issue of blood was healed and the revelation of our personal tabernacle instead of the prayer closet.

From the Introduction

There is a new revival going on which involves a hard core study of the roots of our faith, placing emphasis on the truth of the original language (Hebrew and Greek). In this revival, old walls are broken down and replacement theology or supersessionism is being destroyed. Replacement theology is nothing new, for centuries the Jewish customs and traditions have been removed from Christianity. Many misguided leaders have stated that the Christian church is the replacement for the chosen people the Jews. With this we have removed important information from the Bible, namely the understanding of the Word of God, the way that Jesus read it. Translations have been made to give better understanding which in reality took away from the truth of the word. We have been robbed of the depth of understanding of the roots of our faith due to persecutions over centuries against true believers and Jews alike.

A word from Dr. Jeffery Davidson
For over 6 years, I’ve observed Dr. de Ruiter gain an increased understanding of the knowledge of God and his matured relationship with the Holy Spirit. He has become very sensitive to God’s voice. Not being content with his personal understanding of God and the Holy Spirit in his life alone, he has demonstrated his dedication to the body of Christ by this momentous step of faith to write this book.  This book marks the start of the outward display of the miraculous in his life. I am so Godly proud of him.  Take this book seriously as I know that you will be blessed.  Dr. Jeffery B. Davidson Christ Tabernacle Ministries Havelock, North Carolina

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