Library: God's Design for the Highly Healthy Person
Title:      God's Design for the Highly Healthy Person
BookID:      60-W-02
Authors:      Walt Larimore MD
ISBN-10(13):      0310262798
Publisher:      Zondervan
Number of pages:      304
Language:      English
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God's design for the highly healthy life provides a powerful balance of physical, emotional, relational, and spiritual health You face choices every day that either enhance or threaten your whole health. Do you feel the frustration of finding a gap between what you know and what you do to live the healthiest life you can? Good news. The doctor is in! Dr. Walt Larimore has seen it all---as a family physician, a husband and dad, a medical journalist, and now your doctor on call. He equips you to powerfully protect and enhance your health no matter how healthy, or unhealthy, you find yourself now. *ASSESS YOUR HEALTH: Use the simple 4 Wheels tool to identify the weakest 'spokes' in your whole health. *FIND THE SPOKE THAT'S BROKE: Zero in first where your health is most out of balance. *BENEFIT FROM IMMEDIATE ACTION: Follow practical, achievable advice, and enjoy positive changes in your life. Experience God's Design for the Highly Healthy Life! Formerly titled 10 Essentials of Highly Healthy People.
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