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Janny Grein
Janny Grein
Biography: Janny Grein (1946 - 2011) believed music is a universal language that transcends all barriers and captivates the heart of the listener.

From the beginning of her career with Sparrow Records, Janny was a major influence in the formation and development of contemporary Christian music.

For many years Janny toured the United States and the world sharing her story with millions of listeners.

Janny's dynamic abilities were unleashed into the needs of Eastern Europe. With her inspired message and vision, her efforts saw tremendous results. Traveling with her band of the finest musicians and playing various types of venues, Janny and her Concert Crusades went into many nations of the world.

Beginning in 1993, Janny began spreading revival fires to churches in America. Holding extended meetings she saw God change His people into the image of Christ and strengthen the calling of the pastors.

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