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New and fresh Christmas idea


The new Christmas CD of Roy Rivers

I warmly recomend to you this new CD from my friend and former Colleague Roy Rivers.
Roy has a great personal sound and beside that you would easily mistake him for John Denver, what more do you want.
A voice relaxed like singing Christmas Carols together with the family on the bear rug in front of the fire place hearth.

We really like this cd and with that feel good to recomend this to you.


Silent Night
What Child Is This
Oh Holy Night
Noel: Christmas Eve
Silver Bells
Christmas Like a Lullaby
The Christmas Wish
Bless us All
Christmas For Cowboys
Jesus and Christmastime


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About Roy

No one relates to an audience the way Roy Rivers does. This is not surprising considering his strong connection with people. They are why he does what he does. Rivers spent his youth growing up in Arkansas doing all the things a country boy might do: raising chickens, mending fences, growing gardens and even building outhouses! A self-described "unusual kid," he always had a high awareness of people and what was going on around him. As early as 12 years of age he was confidant and advisor to many others his age. He always seems to know exactly what to say... or sing as the case may be! He's known for stepping away from a shows set list to play a song he felt strongly impressed to play only to find out afterwards the importance of that exact song to one specific person. Whether he's singing his own music or a John Denver tune it's the same. As he once said in an interview "Every time I sing one of his songs, I sing it as if I wrote it. I honesty do."


It's been a phenomenal career ride for Roy having had a #1 and #2 hit in Europe, winning a European CMA Award (with 6 nominations), recording a duet with Dolly Parton and selling out Red Rocks twice, to name a few accomplishments. But despite all the successes he's clearly still the same country boy with the exact same goals he had as a youth. To touch people's lives and spirits. After hearing him sing once, you'll have no doubt he's doing just that.


Thank you for sharing these great songs of Christmas with us Roy.
Pastor Chris



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