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Friday, 24 November 2017


Prayer, Praise, emPowerment

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Media Categories: Learning the Language of Babylon: Changing the World by Engaging the Culture
Title:      Learning the Language of Babylon: Changing the World by Engaging the Culture
BookID:      30-K-03
Authors:      Terry M. Crist
ISBN-10(13):      0800792882
Publisher:      Chosen Books
Publication date:      01-Jun-2001
Number of pages:      189
Language:      English
Price:      USD 4,85
Rating:      0 
Picture:      cover           Button Buy now
Description:      Product Description
How can Christians make a difference in an ever-changing world? Is it possible to engage our culture without giving in to its powerful influence?

While God calls His church to change the world by renewing hearts, many Christians are not comfortable venturing out into a world whose values are often hostile. In Learning the Language of Babylon, Pastor Terry Crist clearly explains how the spirit and ideas of Babylon pervade the world today’ from the White House to the schoolhouse. Crist provides evidence of cultural breakdown, but more importantly, he offers ways for us to reconnect with our community. Cultural relevance, he believes, must become the mission of the church.

Drawing lessons from the life of the prophet Daniel, Crist describes seven mandates we need to adopt to become reformers in our culture. Christians are not just called to make it in the world, but to become salt and light. Crist provides a blueprint for Christians who want to effectively understand and transform their culture.

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