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Cease and desist

From the pastor's desk

A letter to cease and desist

The reason why we do not participate on Facebook or Twitter in this time of controversy.

My dear friends, as a pastor in a ministry that for its majority reaches out to people that are active on the internet, I see the importance of Social Sites like Facebook and Twitter.368 BULLYING
It is however a two-edged sword.
The freedom that it gives you to spread the love, moral education, and edification of Jesus Christ, Yeshua Ha'Mashiach, also gives freedom to spread vitriol, hatred, and falsehoods.

During this period in which the United States of America is determining who will be the representatives of the two dominant parties, the democrats and the republicans a great opportunity has been created for the rise of satan and his minions within this country and the church that wants to live life like Yeshua (Jesus). Yes, I'm indeed excluding the churches that have strayed away from the doctrine of G-d's Word, the Holy Bible.
The battle of who is a better candidate has become a battle and attack on the spirit and spiritual life of the person and those that made a choice for one or the other candidate.

Satans Exploitation

Satan is exploiting this trend in a magnificent (read great in magnitude) way.
Only YHWH (G-d) knows the heart and with that the spirit of people and where they truly stand.
We can only judge people on what has happened in the past, or with other words on history, meaning recorded actions like achievements and public records like voting records.
When we do not research these records and achievements then we end up in blatant attacks of character and accusations without any substance and research backing our thoughts.
As people that love the Holy Trinity, (the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit) we are called to be like the Bereans and research the words of the pastor, the preacher, the minister in G-d's word.
Our lives, however, do not limit themselves to the Sunday Service and the weekday Bible Study, it's continuous during our time awake and our time asleep.
YHWH needs to be on our minds, our hearts, our lives 24X7X(eternity).
Why is it then that we see blatant attacks and character assassinations posted by those that call themselves Christians or Messianics all over the place?
Scripture teaches us, and I paraphrase to go to the person we have an issue with and talk it out.
When this does not work, we go and talk to them with a friend.
When this does not work, we bring it to the elders (which might be the church elders, the pastor, or even the courts (ending up in a no-contact or cease and desist order)  ).
If this does not work, leave it all in G-d's hands to deal with it, wipe the dust off your feet and move on, you have given it all and blame is not on you.
No, no, no this is not happening, Facebook and Twitter are loaded with so-called Christians and Messianics attacking each other because of their convictions, because of their beliefs, and because of the personal opinion, they provided.

Where is our Berean mindset, where is our love for one another, where is our church being united in Yeshua as the head of the church.
You don't all have to agree on who is the better choice for this country if it is Hillary Clinton, Donald Trump, Bernie Sanders, or Ted Cruz, or on that behalf any of the others that ran or are still running for the presidency.

Making the right choice

What we do need to agree on is that we make a choice for the person that is the most in line with our belief system and with that the Holy Word of G-d.
If you believe that G-d's word teaches you the sanctity of life and you are His follower, then you need to vote according to His will, meaning that you cannot vote for a person that thinks it is OK to abort an unborn child or a fetus.
If you believe that G-d's word teaches you that marriage (we are not even talking about Holy Matrimony) is between one man and one woman, and you are His follower, then you need to vote according to His will, meaning that you cannot vote for a person that thinks it is OK for a man to be wed to a man or a woman to a woman.
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And we can go on, and on, and on, what we need to realize is that the division that is now created within the body of believers has let the accuser of the brethren, the Jezebel spirit, the spirit of narcissism and control into the church and given it free rein.
I call up all believers in the word of G-d to cease and desist from these horrible actions and to start intercessory prayer for those that are in disagreement with us.
I call up all believers in the word of G-d to cease and desist from these horrible actions and to start to pray to the Lord G-d Almighty, Jehovah Sabaoth (the Lord of Hosts) to deliver us individually and the church of these horrible spirits.
I call up all believers in the word of G-d to cease and desist from these horrible actions and to accept that change can only happen when it starts within ourselves.
Pray for ALL the candidates, Pray for our President, the Senators, and the people in the house of representatives.
Vote with the word of G-d, and above all let us realize, that G-d's blessing will be on the choice of our country.
When we stand strong as a church we win the battle, even if we might lose a single fight here and there.
That what is going on at this moment is dangerous and should stop, satan is winning with all this bickering, he is slowly but surely taking away the happiness from your life and replacing it with bitterness.
Let this not happen Cease and Desist and start praying.

Pastor Christiaan J. de Ruiter Th.D.

To Mask Or Not to mask

To Mask Or Not to mask

 Executive orders and law

lonely girl in a face mask rides a tram at night in Pandemic time, Poland

There is a lot of discussions and even more arguments on masking or not using a mask

The interpretation of scripture tells us that we need to obey the law of the land as long as it does not contradict God's Law.

But what then about Federal law versus state law.

Ah, the point in question is here for the US and maybe also for other countries (in which case let us know, how this impacts you).

Within the US it is not law but an Executive Order, which needs to be followed by the people that are working in government departments and are contracted to the government, however, it is not LAW.


The states on the other hand already have issued laws, and also some Executive orders.

The question of which one takes precedence is something we as a ministry will not get into.


The one question we can answer, that is, within our meetings we trust in God and in common sense which the Lord has given to each and every single one of us.

Statements by the local/federal government that you cannot attend church services unless you mask or are vaccinated is however preventing some of us to worship together which is, in turn, preventing someone to exercise his or her freedom to fellowship and worship.

This makes us state that in any of our meetings, it is none of our business if you are vaccinated, masked or not, all are welcome, vaccinated or not, masked or not.

Thus with this, we make the following statement;


No one in the ministry of Eagle Wings Charismatic Ministries International (EWCMI) or Eaglewings Online Radio will participate where Masking or Vaccination rules are enforced, as we believe this is because of our freedom to worship when and with whomever we want and these rules are limiting that, thus preventing someone to worship G_D.


When you are personally not comfortable worshipping with those that are not vaccinated or are not wearing a mask, we can tell you that you can still be enjoying the messages of great teachers each day within a sermonette, or a Sunday Morning/Evening sermon on EagleWings Online Radio .


With Brotherly Love,

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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The reach of a ministry like EWCMI is beyond our understanding, the Communist and Muslim controllers are not able to stop the message of the Love of Yeshua and the true liberation that He brings.
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Pastor Chris.


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