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Sounds Like Reign - King Jesus

Sounds Like Reign


Exclusive: This digital download includes an exclusive unreleased song that has not yet been featured on our YouTube channel.

You are getting it here first!

Check this out: The songs on this digital release have been remixed and mastered to the highest quality, even better than what's on YouTube!

The Kirkland family did it again!!

A great CD that we gladly place in our Sunday rotation.

Great Musical accompaniment, and pure and clear-sounding voices without any overproduction.

This is worship at its best and it reflects the love of Jesus and the blessing upon the Kirland's lives.

On Sunday, May 22nd we will be promoting this able with the song Lord Most High on top of the hour.


1. Lord Most High

2. Is He Worthy?

3. Crown Him Medley

4. Before The Throne

5. Build My Life

6. Humble King

7. Behold Our God


This wonderful family is offering their music and cd downloads for free, however consider a donation so that they will be able to continue this wonderful ministry.

Want a CD for the car? Visit the Kirklands music store.

Blessed by the music? Consider a donation.

Pst. Christiaan J. de Ruiter

Lawrence Hancock Don't Stop Caring

Don't Stop Caring

New Album by Bishop Lawrence Hancock

Available April 29, 2022

Two Sneak Peeks will be available on Eagle Wings Online Radio on Tuesday, May 10, and May 17, 2022.
Tuesday, May 10, on top of each hour, Don't Stop Caring.
Tuesday, May 17, on top of each hour, Feed Me.

lawrence hancock dont stop caring 300x300Lawrence Hancock

Lawrence Hancock is a Gospel Stellar Award Nominee and Billboard charting artist who is also a 2021 Recording Academy Member.
He returns with a 15-Song Album 8th album.
The Journey Continues Now!!!
The Repeat Button is getting used often on this one! 
Music enthusiasts everywhere are excited about Lawrence Hancock’s 8th album, Don’t Stop Caring/Symphonic Distribution


This latest album of Bishop Hancock is a very pleasant surprise in a world that is so very much filled in darkness.
The wonderfully crafted ballad and the upbeat motivation are carefully mixed into an album that is surpassing its predecessors.
Within the next two weeks, we will be highlighting two of these great songs within our Tuesday programming.
This wonderful Album will be available within our Rotation after the initial introduction on May 10.
Our Prayer is that you will enjoy it as much as we do.
Pst. Chris.
Lawrence Hancock’s latest album, “Don’t Stop Caring” is an exemplar of a musical marvel. The chemistry of Hancock’s masterful lyrics, artistic rhythm and angelic tone of voice radiates God’s light and love. Like floating down the river of life, the album is a peaceful listening journey of intrinsic emotions and authentic devotion. Each track marvelously creates a unique experience, conveying a personal message of praise and worship…”
 -Dr. Nay, DrNay Blog
The Journal of Gospel Music agrees rendering a 4-Star rating of the latest work from Hancock.  “With this album, I wanted to capture not just my story, but the story of people at various junctions of this life in which they need, depend, and emote with God.” This 15 song collection creates mood and evokes emotion from start to finish displaying an arsenal of vocals, composition, and production we now expect.
“The Stellar-nominated Christian hip hop artist’s eighth album builds on his distinctive style of delivery: an atmospheric kaleidoscope of computer-generated electronica and rhythm supporting stream of consciousness lyricism. As such, Hancock is like a sacred version of a beat poet.”
            -Bob Marovich, Journal of Gospel Music

Software Upgrade


Scheduled Downtime

Update 05/15 20:35 H

Everything should be back in working order, please let us know if we have missed something.

Update 05/15 08:00 H

We have 4 uploads running at the same time to get all our programming back in place, and it is going at a steady pace.
For today we will only have musical programming, any life and or recorded messages will not be available right now.
Great progress is made and we praying for our regular programming to be back on Monday.
Again thank you for your understanding.
Pst. Christiaan J. de Ruiter

Update 05/14 19:00 H

This scheduled downtime has entirely gone out of hand.
Two software updates (one security update, and the Radio software update) collided with each other.
This resulted in a downtime of more than 48 hours.
We are not yet entirely upon our regular programming, but we are working hard on uploading our tracks, messages, Need Him Info, and all others.
We thank you for your understanding, that this was a difficult time, and our sincere apologies that you missed out on great Christian/Messianic and Judaic Music.

Web Dashboard

Again thank you for your understanding.
Pst. Christiaan J. de Ruiter
Eagle Wings Online Radio has a Scheduled Downtime
 Downtime:  Thursday May 12, 2022
Time:  17:00 - 19:00 H Central Daylight Time
Duration:  around 30 Minutes to 1 Hour
Work to complete:
 Upgrade Libretime Software from 3.0.0 Alpha 10 to 3.0.0 Alpha 12
Thank you for your patience.
1st Lady Wilma

Omolola Owoeye (Loolla)


Omolola Owoeye, better known as "Loolla" is a Nigerian gospel / Christian contemporary songwriter and singer renowned for her exceptionally lyrical content.


An Early Start

Loolla has been writing songs since age 12 and started singing in her church as a choir at age 14.

She later became a key member and leader of the Foursquare Gospel Church choir with numerous accolades and admiration.
She is a gifted and prolific songwriter inspired by the Holy Spirit and has written over 100 songs to be released consistently in the coming days
and months.

She has released a few singles distributed offline which include "I will sing", "Majere", "No one like Him" "Babaye" and recently "Messiah"
She is now ready and inspired to take her music career to the next level by consistently releasing a series of singles followed by an EP and then
an album.

My Year

Loolla_-_My_Year_Cover_Art.jpgShe will kickstart this by releasing a single titled "My Year" on all digital streaming platforms on the 31st of December 2021.
"My Year" is a new year anthem to speak our new year hopes and aspirations into existence.

It is a song of prayer and confession to usher us into a new era or new year, believing God that the new year shall be brimming with celebrations, promotions, all the great things we desire, and so much

Her new song "My year" has been acclaimed as a potential classic hit due to its profound lyrics and energetic delivery. Her new single  





Loolla Messiah Artwork Loolla.jpg

She is particularly gifted in writing exceptional yet simple lyrical content with a great melody similar to the likes of Sinach, Nathaniel Bassey, and Tasha Cobbs Leonard. 

Her new single "Messiah" is a simple, intuitive, and powerful worship song adoring Jesus Christ as our ransom, redeemer, and coming King.

It is a great listen during meditation, devotion, and early morning commute.   

Song: My Year Info  

Name of Artist:

Title of Track:


Release Date:





My Year

Gospel / Christian Contemporary

31st of December, 2021

Omolola Owoeye

Bode Afolabi


Song: Messiah Info  
Name of Artist: 

Title of Track: 

Release Date:


Gospel / Christian Contemporary
Omolola Owoeye
 Bode Afolabi

Follow Loolla on Facebook, Instagram, and, Twitter:
Facebook: https:/ Instagram: https:/ Twitter: https:/www/


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Christiaan J. de Ruiter



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