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New Year Release Loolla

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Omolola Owoeye (Loolla)

Omolola Owoeye, better known as "Loolla" is a Nigerian gospel / Christian contemporary songwriter and singer renowned for her exceptionally lyrical content.
Loolla has been writing songs since age 12 and started singing in her church as a choir at age 14. She later became a key member and leader of the  Foursquare Gospel Church choir with numerous accolades and admiration.Loolla_-_My_Year_Cover_Art.jpg
She is a gifted and prolific songwriter inspired by the Holy Spirit and has written over 100 songs to be released consistently in the coming days and months.

She has released a few singles distributed offline like which include "I will sing", "Majere", "No one like Him" and "Babaye".
She is now ready and inspired to take her music career to the next level by consistently releasing a series of singles followed by an EP and then an album.

She kickstarted by releasing a single titled "My Year" on all digital streaming platforms on the 31st of December 2021.
"My Year" is a new year anthem to speak our new year hopes and aspirations into existence. It is a song of prayer and confession to usher us into a new era or new year, believing God that the new year shall be brimming with celebrations, promotions, all the great things we desire, and so much more.

Loolla.pngThat song "My year" has been acclaimed as a classic hit due to its profound lyrics and energetic delivery.

After this great release we where pleasantly suprised for our start of the 2023 music cycle with the great new EP "I Am Yahweh".

This new album shows that Loolla is a gospel artist to be reconned with as it is recorded live, which shows her talent and quality not just inside a studio but also outside of one.

A true Ruach Ha'Kodesh (Holy Spirit) filled recording.Loolla_2.jpg


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Thursday January 12, listen to I Am Yaweh at the top of the hour, every hour.


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