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08 Back to our Roots

Category: Theology
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Back to our Roots

The "Back to our Roots" movement in Christianity emphasizes the vital importance of understanding and embracing the Hebrew or Jewish roots of the Christian faith. This movement is not merely about historical curiosity; it's about reclaiming a spiritual heritage that is integral to the Christian identity. Many modern Christians, unaware of this rich heritage, miss out on the profound depth and fullness that comes from understanding the Jewish origins of their faith.

Just as an individual's identity is deeply connected to their familial heritage, so too is a Christian's spiritual identity intertwined with the Jewish roots of their faith. Knowing one's earthly father but being ignorant of his heritage is akin to understanding Jesus Christ without recognizing His Jewish context. This heritage is not just a backdrop but a foundational aspect of who He is and, by extension, who we are as His followers. Our spiritual inheritance, therefore, must be fully embraced to realize its value in our lives. Our experiences shape us, but our heritage defines us.

Apostle Paul's teachings in Ephesians 2 are pivotal in this understanding. He urges believers to remember their roots and the transformation brought about by Christ. This remembrance is crucial because it's easy to forget the profound implications of the restoration of the covenant. Paul reminds us that Gentile believers, once alienated from the covenants of Israel, have been brought near through Christ. This nearness is not merely a change of status; it's a breaking down of the barriers that once separated Jews and Gentiles, creating one unified body in Christ.

Understanding the covenant is essential for the Church because it is where God chooses to dwell. As Paul states in Ephesians 2:22, believers are being built together into a dwelling place for God's Spirit. This unity of Jews and Gentiles, each bringing their unique covenantal insights, forms a strong, unbreakable bond. The Jewish people, entrusted with the ancient covenants and promises, and the Gentile believers, recipients of the grace of the New Covenant, together create a completeness in the Body of Christ.

The scriptures speak of a double portion of blessing for the Jewish people (Isaiah 40:2), and the Gentiles have been graciously grafted into this rich heritage. This unity creates a powerful synergy, a threefold cord that is not easily broken. It's a testament to the strength that comes from the unity of the first and second covenants.

Furthermore, the unity between Jews and Gentiles in the Body of Christ is expected to give rise to miraculous signs and wonders, showcasing the power and wisdom of God. This union is a tangible manifestation of God's faithfulness to His covenants with both Jews and Gentiles. It's a living demonstration that God's promises remain unbroken and that His plan encompasses all of humanity.

In conclusion, the "Back to our Roots" movement is a call to rediscover and reclaim the Jewish heritage of the Christian faith. It's about understanding the fullness of our identity in Christ and the richness of the spiritual inheritance that comes from our Jewish roots. This journey of rediscovery is not just about looking back to the past but about bringing its wisdom and richness into the present, thereby enriching and empowering the Church's future. It's a journey towards a deeper understanding, a more profound faith, and a stronger, more unified Body of Christ.



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