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07 One New Man

Category: Theology
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The message of “One New Man”

The concept of The One New Man, often associated with the "Back to our Roots" movement, is a profound message that seeks to bridge the historical and theological divide between Jewish and Christian traditions. Unfortunately, this message is frequently misunderstood, leading to misconceptions and unfounded fears. Some critics argue that this movement aims to "put people under the law" or "return them to Judaism." However, these concerns stem from a lack of accurate information and a misunderstanding of the movement's true intent.

The One New Man message is not about imposing a rigid set of rules or reverting to a purely Judaic form of worship. Instead, it is a call to explore and embrace the rich heritage of the Christian faith, which is deeply rooted in Jewish history and traditions. This exploration is not a regression but an expansion of understanding, offering a more comprehensive view of the Christian faith.

Understanding our origins is crucial for comprehending our current direction and future path. This principle is central to the "Back to our Roots" movement. The early Christian church, as evidenced in the New Testament, was intrinsically linked to Judaism. However, historical events, such as the Councils of Elvira and Nicaea in the fourth century, marked a deliberate separation of the Church from its Jewish roots. These councils, among other things, sought to distance Christianity from its Jewish origins, even attempting to erase the connection between a Jewish Jesus and the Christian faith. As a result, many outward signs of this Jewish heritage, such as the tallit, the kippot (yarmulke), and the candles of remembrance and observance, gradually disappeared from Christian practice.

This separation was not reflective of God's ultimate plan for His people. It led to a disconnection from the rich blessings inherent in our shared heritage with Judaism. Recognizing that this separation was never God's intention empowers believers to embrace their identity more fully, fostering a deeper understanding of God and, consequently, a deeper understanding of themselves.

The message of The One New Man emphasizes that the New Covenant does not abolish the Old Covenant but rather brings it to completion. This understanding is crucial for believers to walk in the fullness of their faith. As the Apostle Paul states in Romans 11:12, the inclusion of the Gentiles into the faith (seen as "riches for the world") does not diminish the importance of the Jewish people. Instead, it enhances the richness and depth of the faith for all.

The One New Man message is one of unity and fullness, bridging the gap between Jews and Gentiles. It is about understanding and valuing our shared heritage and recognizing how it informs our present and shapes our future. This message is not just about looking back but about bringing the light of the past into the present, thereby illuminating our path forward. It is about empowering believers with the knowledge and understanding of their faith's roots, enabling them to activate the full revelation of their covenant relationship with God.

In essence, the message of The One New Man is a call to rediscover and reclaim the rich, intertwined heritage of Judaism and Christianity. It's a journey that brings clarity to our identity as believers, enhances our spiritual understanding, and guides us toward a more profound and fulfilling walk of faith. By embracing this message, we can truly appreciate where we have come from, which in turn illuminates where we are going, bringing the past's wisdom into our present journey and future destiny.

Pastor Chris

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