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Parashah 34 - Bamidbar (in the desert)

Category: Parashah
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Hebrew Name : Bamidbar English Name : in the desert
Week Nr. : 34
Torah Haftarah Brit Chadashah
Num. 1:1–4:20 Hos. 2:1-23
Lk. 16:1–17:10
Rom. 9:22-33
Luke 24:50-51
Acts 1:9-11
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Torah Reading 

Numbers 1 : 1 – 4 : 20

Census of Fighting Men

1 In the wilderness of Sinai, on the first day of the second month in the second year from the Exodus from the land of Egypt, Adonai spoke to Moses in the Tent of Meeting saying, “Do a head count of all the community of Bnei-Yisrael by their families and their ancestral house, with a total of every male one by one. You and Aaron are to muster by their divisions every son from 20 years and upward available to serve in the army of Israel. One man from each tribe, each head of his father’s household, is to assist you.

“These then are the names of the men who will assist you: from Reuben, Elizur son of Shedeur. From Simeon, Shelumiel son of Zurishaddai. From Judah, Nahshon son of Amminadab. From Issachar, Nethanel son of Zuar. From Zebulon, Eliab son of Helon. 10 From the sons of Joseph—from Ephraim, Elishama son of Ammihud, from Manasseh, Gamaliel son of Pedahzur. 11 From Benjamin, Abidan son of Gideoni. 12 From Dan, Ahiezer son of Ammishaddai.

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Haftarah Reading

Hosea 2 : 1 – 23

Restoring the Covenant Promises

2 “Yet the number of Bnei-Yisrael will be like the sand of the sea,
    which cannot be measured or counted.[a]
Instead of ‘You are not My people’ being said to them,
they will be called ‘Children of the living God.’
Then the descendants of Judah and descendants of Israel will be gathered together.
They will appoint themselves one head
    And they will go up from the land.
For the day of Jezreel will be great.
Say you to your brothers, ‘Ammi’[b]
and to your sisters, ‘Ruhamah’[c].
Contend with your mother, contend!
For she is not My wife nor I her husband.
Let her put away her fornications from her face
and her adulteries from between her breasts.
Or else I will strip her naked
and expose her as on the day she was born.
Then I will make her like a wilderness.
Yes, I will make her like desert land,
and I will let her die of thirst.
I will have no compassion for her children,
for they are children of prostitution.
For their mother has practiced prostitution.
She who conceived them has been shameful.
For she said, ‘Let me go after my lovers,
    who are giving me my bread and my water,
    my wool and my flax, my oil and my drink.’
Therefore see, I will hedge her in with thorns,
and I will build a wall around her
so she cannot find her paths.
Then she will chase after her lovers,
but she will not overtake them.
She will seek them, but not find.
Then she will say:
‘Let me go and return to my first husband,
for was it better for me then, than now.’
10 But she did not realize that I Myself
gave her the grain, the wine and the fresh oil.
I lavished on her silver, also gold—
    which they made into Baal.

messianic Brit Chadashah Reading

Luke 16 : 1 – 17 : 10

A Lesson for the Disciples

16 Now Yeshua was also saying to the disciples, “There was a rich man who had a household manager, and this manager was accused of squandering his belongings. So he called the manager and said to him, ‘What’s this I hear about you? Give an accounting of your management, because you cannot be manager any longer.’

“Then the manager said to himself, ‘What shall I do, since my master is taking the management away from me? I’m not strong enough to dig; I’m ashamed to beg. I know what I’ll do, so that when I’m put out of management others will welcome me into their homes.’ So he called in each one of his master’s debtors, and he said to the first, ‘How much do you owe my master?’

“He said, ‘One hundred units of olive oil.’

“The manager said to him, ‘Take your bill, sit down quickly, and write fifty.’ Then he said to another, ‘Now how much do you owe?’

“He said, ‘A hundred units of wheat.’

“The manager said to him, ‘Take your bill and write eighty.’

“Now the master praised the crooked manager because he had acted shrewdly, for the sons of this age are smarter when dealing with their own generation than the sons of light. I say to you, make friends for yourselves from the wealth of the world, so when it runs out, they will welcome you into the eternal shelters.

Romans 9 : 22 – 33

22 Now what if God, willing to demonstrate His wrath and to make His power known, endured with much patience vessels of wrath designed for destruction? 23 And what if He did so to make known the riches of His glory on vessels of mercy, which He prepared beforehand for glory?

24 Even us He called—not only from the Jewish people, but also from the Gentiles— 25 as He says also in Hosea,

“I will call those who were not My people,
    ‘My people,’
    and her who was not loved,
26 And it shall be that in the place where it was said to them,
    ‘You are not My people,’
    there they shall be called sons of the living God.”[a]

27 Isaiah cries out concerning Israel,

“Though the number of B’nei-Israel be as the sand of the sea,
    only the remnant shall be saved.
28 For Adonai will carry out His word upon the earth,
    bringing it to an end and finishing quickly.”[b]

29 And just as Isaiah foretold,

    “Unless Adonai-Tzva’ot had left us seed,
    we would have become like Sodom and
    resembled Gomorrah.”[c]

Luke 24 : 50 – 51

Yeshua Ascends into Heaven

50 Then Yeshua led them out as far as Bethany, and He lifted up His hands[a] and blessed them. 51 And while blessing them, He departed from them and was taken up into heaven.

Acts 1 : 9 – 11

After saying all this—while they were watching—He was taken up, and a cloud received Him out of their sight. 10 While they were staring into heaven as He went up, suddenly two men stood with them in white clothing. 11 They said, “Men of Galilee, why do you keep standing here staring into heaven? This Yeshua, who was taken up from you into heaven, will come in the same way as you saw Him go into heaven.”


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