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Current Day TV

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What do you have against current-day TV

The question of why many conservative Christians, Messianic Jews, or traditional Jews distance themselves from contemporary television is a multifaceted one. It's easy to hastily conclude that such a choice leads to a retreat into an insular world, detached from reality. However, this perspective merits a more nuanced examination.
Reflecting on the political turmoil and character assassination prevalent in media over the past few years, one could argue that it is, in fact, television that often distorts reality. Whether it's news or entertainment, the content presented through various channels—be it social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter, or traditional TV networks—Whatever this might be it is not reality, it is a distortion of what is going on in the real world, it is a look at the world through this channels, reporters, organizations, pink, purple, red, or blue colored glasses. This distortion extends beyond just the news; it permeates all forms of televised content.

The news, for instance, is frequently more about entertainment, driven by ratings and advertising, than about an objective portrayal of events. It's a selective representation, often omitting the mundane yet significant aspects of everyday life. This phenomenon isn't limited to any one network; it's a systemic issue. Networks like Fox News and MSNBC, for example, are known to cater to conservative and liberal audiences, respectively. This pattern is observable across various networks worldwide, each presenting a unique viewpoint, whether it's Al Jazeera's Middle Eastern perspective or CBN's Christian, pro-Israel stance.

Similarly, television entertainment often replaces genuine human interaction with a fictionalized version of reality. As Rabbi Aron Moss insightfully points out in his article, which this discussion draws upon, television shapes a narrative far removed from the complexities and nuances of real life.
Rabbi Aron Moss wrote in an article after which this blog is based
" Those who spend their hours following soap operas are missing out on the lives of their own family and friends. The sitcom junkies are oblivious to the hilarity of everyday living. And the fans glued to “reality TV ” are blind to the reality happening in their own home.
Could it be that TV is a major cause of the relationship crisis we face today? So many people are complaining that they can’t find somebody to love. How often do we hear, “I just can’t find the right person”? Well, to a couch potato, it’s no wonder no one is “the right person.” Who can compete with the beautiful, funny, interesting and witty characters who strut on the screens and fill their minds every night? Never mind that it’s all contrived and staged. How many people do you know who fit TV ’s narrow definition of what is considered attractive? Of course, no one in the real world matches up. "

dr Who David Tennant

From a personal standpoint, agreeing with Rabbi Moss, one might find a deeper connection with reality when television is not a constant presence. Watching a movie or a show becomes a conscious choice, akin to selecting a book to read, rather than a passive consumption of whatever is broadcast. This approach allows for control over the content and timing of television viewing, avoiding the intrusion of overtly sexual or suggestive advertisements.

In essence, the decision to limit television consumption is about exercising control over one's media intake, ensuring that it doesn't overshadow real-life interactions and experiences. Enjoying a show like "Doctor Who" after a long day's work is a form of entertainment, but it's crucial to remember that it's just that—entertainment. It shouldn't replace the valuable time spent with family and friends or become a substitute for engaging with the real world. Life, after all, is meant to be lived fully, not merely in the intervals between commercial breaks.

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