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Internet covenant

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Internet and Computer Contract for Christians

When I use computers, mobile devices, phones, and the Internet, I promise to follow these rules to keep my family, my friends and myself safe.
I will discuss these rules with my Spouse or when not married with my Parents (now called Media Partner ) and initial each section as we discuss them.

1. My Media Partner and I are in agreement on appropriate time for use of the computer, cell phone, Wii or other game system, and the Internet.
  • I will only visit sites we agreed upon.
  • I will only do things we agree are appropriate.
  • I will log out when asked to log out.
  • I will not allow any other person to log in on my account or use my “time” without permission.
  • I will respect the rules that have been set for me or for others. I will not help others to break Internet rules set for them.
  • If I use the Internet while I am away from my Media Partner or at a friend's house, I will let my Media Partner know that I did.
  • If I or one of my friends brings a new game or video into the house, I will share this with my Media Partner.
  • I will tell my Media Partner if I accidentally used a device, play a game, or visit a site I believe they might not want me to use.

Initial here: Covenant Partner _____ Media Partner _____

2. I will never tell anyone secure information without getting my MP permission first.
  • I will not say when I am alone or when the house is empty or tell my family's schedule.
  • I will not tell my family's last name, address, workplaces, passwords, or phone numbers.
  • I will keep this information about my friends as private as I keep my own information.
  • I will not use the Internet to show, spread, or tell anything private.
  • If I am not sure whether something should be kept private, I will ask my Media Partner.
  • If I want help keeping something private, I can ask my Media Partner.
  • I know that if I ask my MP to keep private a story or a picture that features me, they will respect my wishes. I can ask my MP to remove information that they have shared about me from social media.
  • I know that it is very easy for secrets to spread once they are in electronic form.
  • I know that any electronic message on the Internet could be read or seen by anyone, forever.
  • If I accidentally reveal information, I will tell my Media Partner the same day so they can act to protect our family.

Initial here: Covenant Partner _____ Media Partner _____

3. I will not participate in mean, physically dangerous, or morally wrong activities online.
  • If anyone does or says anything that bothers me, I will tell my Media Partner.
  • I will show my Media Partner if I see material or play a game that;
  • is obscene
  • depicts real and severe violence or simulates realistic and severe violence
  • shows nudity, meaning pictures of people who are naked or who are showing the parts of their bodies usually covered by bathing suits
  • is cruel
  • encourages people to do things that are wrong or illegal
  • frightens or disturbs me
  • tries to trick me into revealing personal information or do something wrong
  • seems to be a lie
  • I know that my Media Partner will not be angry with me for accidentally seeing such material if I tell my Media Partner right away.
  • I will not do, say, send, or show anything obscene, illegal, immoral, frightening, or cruel.
  • I know that it is not lying if I use a fake name to protect my identity or if I refuse to tell information to a person who has no right to know it. I know that it is always okay for a person to refuse to tell any information over the Internet.
  • I know that search engines and online information sources such as Wikipedia could lead me to sites that are obscene, cruel, dangerous, frightening, or tricky.
  • I know that much of the information on the Internet is untrue or misleading.
  • If I want to search for information on the Internet at home, I will let my Media Partner know before I start. I will always search on the computer in the living room where they can observe me and help me.

Initial here: Covenant Partner _____ Media Partner _____

4. I will never post or send pictures of myself, my family or friends without my Media Partner' permission.
  • If I set up a blog or online profile, I will tell my Media Partner where it is and how they can read it.
  • If I join a social network, mailing list, file or sharing site, or group of any kind, I will invite my Media Partner to join.
  • I will work with my Media Partner to set privacy and sharing settings that satisfy them.

Initial here: Covenant Partner _____ Media Partner _____

5. I will never, ever meet with anyone I've talked with online without first talking to my Media Partner.

Initial here: Covenant Partner _____ Media Partner _____

6. If my Media Partner ask for my social media or email password, I will give it to them.
  • I will never give out any passwords I know to any others, not even friends or siblings.
  • If I find out a password that belongs to my Media Partner, I will tell them that I know it.

Initial here: Covenant Partner _____ Media Partner _____

7. If I want to download anything, I will discuss this FIRST.
  • I know that some applications, games, music, movies, or programs are unsafe to download.
  • I know that I must pay for these things and that the cost is sometimes hidden.
  • I know that sometimes “free” content is really stolen.

Initial here: Covenant Partner _____ Media Partner _____

8. I will not try to win free things or buy things on a phone or on the Internet.
  • If I get a message that I have won something, I will show my Media Partner.
  • If I get an email asking me to enter a password or other information, I will tell my Media Partner.
  • I will not forward messages that tell me bad stuff will happen to me if I do not forward them.
  • I will not click on any advertisements. If I accidentally click on an advertisement, I will close all windows that appear and will not use the “back” button, but close the last page I was viewing.

Initial here: Covenant Partner _____ Media Partner _____

9. I will not change settings, install software, or open my Media Partner' files without permission.
  • If I think I might have accidentally done this, I will tell my Media Partner right away so they can fix it.
  • I know that my Media Partner will not be upset with me doing this as long as I tell my Media Partner right away.

Initial here: Covenant Partner _____ Media Partner _____

10. I understand that my Media Partner allow me to use the Internet, computers, and games on the condition that I do not hide from them what I do.
  • My Media Partner may examine the computer, my phone or any other device that they or I own.
  • They may see where I have gone on the Internet, what emails and text messages I’ve sent and received, the things I’ve downloaded, or what I do.
  • I will not erase my browsing history or record of sent messages without permission.
  • I will BCC one of my Media Partner on every email unless they tell me not to do so.
  • I promise not to turn off or alter any parental-controls settings or software installed by my Media Partner.
  • I will not close a window when my Media Partner come into the room to hide something I’m viewing.
  • If I use code words or abbreviations, I will tell my Media Partner what they mean.
  • If I think I may have accidentally done something I am not supposed to, I will tell my Media Partner right away.
  • If I want to do something that I am not sure my Media Partner would approve of, I will ask them first.

Initial here: Covenant Partner _____ Media Partner _____

For the covenant partner:
  • I have read the above, and I will follow these rules.
  • If I do not follow these rules, I understand that my Media Partner might be real upset with me, and seek mediation.
  • I understand that “seeking mediation"  is not necessarily a punishment. My Media Partner might reduce my privileges for any reason in order to keep our family safe.
  • I also understand that even if my Media Partner do not punish me, my actions on the Internet might have consequences from which my Media Partner might not be able to protect me or from which they might choose not to protect me.

signature Date


For the Media Partner:
  • I agree to let my Covenant Partner use electronic devices as long as they follow these rules.
  • I agree to answer any of my Covenant Partner's questions that will help him or her use the Internet safely and responsibly.
  • I agree to make changes to the rules clearly and in writing, and keep them with this contract, so that my Covenant Partner always knows what the rules are.
  • I agree not to be upset for accidentally breaking a rule, as explained above, as long as he/she promptly tells the Media Partner about it.
  • I agree to discuss my Covenant Partner ideas for safely increasing Internet usage.

Media Partner's signature Date



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