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Pastor Chidozie Emechafor

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Pastor Chidozie Emachafor


Biography of Chineduchidozie Chukwudi .N.Emechafor.

Emachafor Chidozie Headshot

Pastor Chidozie Emachafor is from Obazu Mbieri, in Mbaitoli, Local Government Area of Imo State,Nigeria.
Chidozie was born on February 28th, 1982 as the 2nd out of six children.RoadTraveled
He attended Secondary School in Obazu Community Secondary School.
After school he proceeded to Lagos City where he worked with Donas Motors Company Nigeria Limited Surulere as a Sales Representative and in the year 2009, traveled to Russia to learn an additional trade.
In the year 2013 he returned to Nigeria and got married to Dr. Evang.Nnenna Chidozie (Optometrist) in 2013.
Their marriage is blessed with two lovely children, a boy and a girl.
Chimeremking David is 4 and daughter Chidire Evidence is 2
Pst. Chidozie has earned a LCC Leadership Course Certificate, and received a Diploma from the LDC Leadership Course at Word of Faith Bible Institute in Aba Abia State Nigeria.
In 2015 Chidozie Emachafor was ordained as a Pastor.
lately, Pst. Chidozie has been traveling from the Eastern part of Nigeria to the West, evangelizing and converting Nigerian Students,Prison inmates and Market women and men with the newly founded Foundation, "Dodo Nachez Foundation and Ministries".
In the Eastern Nigeria Chidozie works as a pastor with Violent Christian Assembly Aba Abia State.


While I was far way in Russia, I entered into several relationships with a plan to get married, as other African brothers with a goal to settle in Russia.
But to my surprise, all my efforts were in vain.
This made me angry and I decided to return to Nigeria and find a woman to marryChidozie Family.
While back in Nigeria, God revealed to me in a vision, that He did not want me to marry a foreign woman.
I then realized that God was behind my moves.

Immediately after my wedding, God took control of my life, I surrendered all and joined the ministry work.
However, He mandated me to begin studies without any delay, and work and help in Prison Ministries.

Initially, it was not easy, but after waiting and asking God for direction according to Jer. 33:3 I got confirmation.
My wife also told me that God had revealed to her that her husband would become a Pastor and that God said that He will be connecting me to a foreign Pastor who will mentor me even in the mist of great men and women of God in Nigeria.
Sequel to that in 2015 God connected me to Pastor Christiaan de Ruiter, of Eagle Wings Charistimatic Ministries International USA
Glory be to God.

Pastor Chidozie Emechafor

Pastor Chris

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