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Eagle Wings Charismatic Ministries International

Our prayer is that as a reader you will be blessed.
It has been for over a decade that Eagle Wings Charismatic Ministries International (EWCMI) has been founded in Travis County Texas.
And over this time thousands of people have been reached through its sermons and radio messages.
From its conception, EWCMI has been a zero dollar ministry. That what goes in, goes out for ministry and its tools, zero profits, all volunteers, and all for the love of Yeshua (Jesus).
The reach of a ministry like EWCMI is beyond our understanding, the Communist and Muslim controllers are not able to stop the message of the Love of Yeshua and the true liberation that He brings.
The websites that we maintain are now all accessible and centralized under this one access point ewcmi.com and are available for you 24x7x365.
As we are in need of more volunteers, we can always do better in updated and new articles, but that what is here is sure worth reading and altogether you will find it a life-changing message.
Send us a message and let us know how you can help us.

Pastor Chris.