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EagleWings Online Radio

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EagleWings Online Radio


Who Are We

EagleWings Online Radio is a zero dollar online radio ministry and part of Eagle Wings Charismatic Ministries International.
As a zero dollar ministry we will never ask for tithes or offerings yet still we have been in ministry for over 13 years.
The Good Lord has provided for all, the communication with the Home churches, the Internet services, a fully equiped church office, etc., etc.
The Radio Ministry has been EWCMI's greatest adventure, and with that I would like to focus your attention to it.
Before we loose your attention, this article is in no way intended to solicitate any funds from you, we believe in the provision of our Jehovah Jireh.

Station Goal

The goal of EagleWings Online Radio is to be a station that provides a God Focused online Alternative to all the worldly distracting and demoralizing trends that are out there with uplifting music and the straight-to-the-point word of God.We provide Christian, Messianic, and some Judaic music in all styles and languages, Sermons, and Sermonettes (small 15 Minute messages), Christian humor, and some old-time radio programming.
Each day has a different Music Style and focus, but also has recurring programming as the Sheep Laughs comedy show, a Charismatic Theological moment of teaching from the great late Dr. J. Rodman Williams called "the great themes of the book", a sermonette from one of the worlds greatest teachers, and an Old Time Radio program from the golden era of Radio.
Let's not forget the teens and the tweens, at 10 PM Central time we have two full hours of Christian Rock, Hip Hop, Rap and more.
For our younger audience there is a two hour program on the Saturday Morning (Shabbos)
  • Theology
  • Sermonette a message for today.
  • Sunday Message (full length to the point teachings)
  • Sheep laughs (a moment of fun)
  • Rock the Clock
  • An Old-Time Radio Show
  • Each Saturday, Your Story Hour (kids program)
  • Need Him (Encouragement)
  • Your Story Hour


The week begins on Sunday with music of devotion and concecration, with Choir Music, Classical, and Salvation Army Brass, just to name a few, focussing on those ready to receive a great message in their home church or at 10 AM and 6 PM Central time on the radio.

Each Sunday to Thurday at 10 PM we have our loudest of the loud Rock the Clock programming. 

On Monday the focus style is on Messianic and Contemporary music, with a little of the other styles mixed in. At 2 and 2 we have the Sheep Laughs Comedy Show, at 5 AM and 8 PM an Old Time Radio Show, at 7 AM and 6 PM we listen to Dr. Williams teaching and at 11 AM we have a great Sermonette.

Tuesday is our Gospel and Contemporary Christian Music Day, the best of the best Gospel and Christian artists proclaiming the name of Jesus.

Wednesday provides us with Country, Bluegrass, and Southern Gospel mixed in with some CCM and Messian Music.

Thursday is our most special day of International Music. Artist from all over the world have been contributing, like our dear sister Loola from Nigeria, a wonderfully blessed woman with a great voice and ministry. Music from India, China, Korea, music in Farsi, Dutch, German, Italian, Spanish and so much more.

Friday is the day that we are slowing down a little bit as we get ready for the Sabbath, and the Church Sunday, the music style is more mixed, and will contain some brass and classical as we come closer to the weekend.

The Sabath day (shabbos) is for our Messianic and some Judaic music, Christian music and of course it is the day for the Kids. Your Story Hour contributes a new program for our children at 10 AM Central with a random selected revisited program at 11 AM, uncle John, and aunt Nicki are sharing a great message each and every week.


As we are always looking for contributions to the music library we would love to invite you to be a participant in this endeavor and provide some of your music to be included in our playlists.
If you are interested, we can provide you with a link to upload your contribution, or you send us an email with the location for your downloads.
We can provide you with a presence on the station's web site with your ministries page and update pages to promote your new releases.

As stated before, we do not ask any money for all of this, just people, brothers and sisters that are Holy Spirit-filled and ready to spread God's word.
BTW this can be in your own native tongue and does not have to be in English.

I hope that the Holy Spirit Fire for this project is brought alive in you and pray for a wonderful co-operation.
When you are interested contact us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Pst. Chris


Index of Artists

Index of Artists

The Amazon Links provided are Affiliate Links and will provide us with a little money supporting this ministry.

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